The Radio Business


We may be living in an age of instant access to music, where play listing is key, but despite the rise of streaming and songs on demand, getting your music played on the radio is one of the most effective ways to reach the masses.  Our team can help you get the spins that you need to get your music charting and to get the industry respect for your music.

The Promotions Business


We provide PR campaigns for up and coming inspired artists and musicians of all genres. All our services are strictly based on gaining high amounts of press for our clients. Press is  key as it pertains to gaining the attention of festivals, labels, licensing companies and new listeners. Artists with high amounts of press and publicity tend to stand out in the crowd of singers, songwriters and musicians in the industry and it is our job to keep our clients relevant.

The Music Business


With over 40 years in the music business, we have made it our mission to assist our clients with getting their music in front of people that are either in search of talent or they need songs.  If your music is "industry ready" contact us today and let us help you get it to those that are looking for it.  If you are at the beginning stages and need artists development, we've got you covered.  We really are dedicated to exposing, raising and delivering new artists in the Gospel Industry, to the GLOBAL STAGE.

Owners Note


My history in music has had me on stages, behind stages and in studios around the world and mixing it up with industry greats such as The Hawkins Family, The Winans, Karen Clark Sheard, Keith Wonderboy Johnson, Shirley Ceaser, Rance Allen, The Williams Brothers, Dorinda Clark Cole, Luther Barnes, Calvin Suggs, T.D. Jakes, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Sensational Nightingales, Lee Williams, The Spiritual QC's and many more...  Now, my experiences are your pathways to a successful music career.  We are here to serve the up and coming inspired artists community and to help make dreams a reality.

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Philly World Productions... Philadelphia, PA

Tel: 267 422-2911

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